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    News + Blogs — wood sunglasses


    April has always been recognized as the month chosen to honor Mother Nature.

    Earth Day is April 22nd, but we don't have to wait until then to leave no carbon footprints behind. Springtime brings us all its glorious colors back into our landscape foliage, so what better way to explore than to just get out there and take it all in? 

    Since the recent pandemic, staying indoors became our new normal, but we have come to a point in this present time when getting back out and reconnecting with nature just feels - well, natural. A good outdoorsy outfit, your essential gear and protective eyewear just to name a few should be on your adventure packing list for 2022!

    We need to protect not only Mother Nature itself this month, but also our eyes. It deserves only the best care and protection so that we can enjoy the beautiful splendor She has to offer.

    Make sure your sunglasses are premium and high quality made, with polarization features built into the lenses. Sturdy, yet flexible. Go for fun colors and styles; the combination looks are endless! Introduce nature in your apparel and accessories. Be proud to show off your love for the modern and natural. Learn to once again embrace the unique and evolving person that you were born to be. 

    At EverTree, our goal is just that. We want you to bring out the natural best in you, ever always. Everyday is ALWAYS Earth Day to celebrate Mother Earth, Mother Nature Herself.